With grateful hearts, we dedicate this pictorial history to the men and women who have faithfully labored in the Lord's vineyard at St. Jude: religious of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, Redemptorists of St. Alphonsus Ligouri, Sisters of St. Mary of Namur, Deacons and lay volunteers of St. Jude Church. They sowed and cultivated the seeds of faith for this community. The fruits of their labors have nourished and sustained the Catholic Community of Sumter for over three-quarters of a century. For their years of devoted service to St. Jude we offer our thanks to these dedicated priests, sisters, deacons and lay volunteers. . .

Oblates of Mary Immaculate
Rev. Clarence McIntyre, OMIRev. Russell Nickerson, OMI
Rev. Daniel Foley, OMIRev. Lawrence Frank, OMI
Rev. Joseph Moynihan, OMIRev. William Atkinson, OMI
Rev. Philip Reed, OMIRev. John Hanley, OMI
Rev. Thomas Haggerty, OMIRev. John Curran, OMI
Rev. Thomas McParland, OMIRev. Anthony Rigoli, OMI
Rev. Neil Cohan, OMIRev. Robert Colfer, OMI
Rev. Alfred Delva, OMIRev. Richard Sudlik, OMI
Rev. Edward Randal, OMIRev. Maurice Laliberte, OMI
 Rev. Jerry Orsino, OMI

The Redemptorists
Rev. Michael Varady, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Alistair McKay, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Charles Donovan, C.Ss.R.
Rev. James 'Pablo' Burke, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Thomas Burke, C.Ss.R..

Rev. Mr. Harry Pecko
Rev. Mr. Billy Ellis
Rev. Mr. Lawrence Corum
Rev. Mr. Michael Kulungowski

Sisters of St. Mary of Namur
Sr. Agnes LorettaSr. Jean BerchmansSr. Mary Bruno (Africa)Sr. Maureen Healy
Sr. AliciaSr. John NicholasSr. Mary CatherineSr. Miriam
Sr. Anne ElizabethSr. Josephine LibertiSr. Mary ConstanceSr. Monica Ulrich
Sr. Ann MinerSr. Kathleen DoughertySr. Mary ElaineSr. Nancy
Sr. Bernadette MarieSr. Kathleen KaneSr. Mary EmilySr. Nathaniel
Sr. BonnySr. Kathleen KelleySr. Mary EthnaSr. Norbert
Sr. Carol AnnSr. LoriSr. Mary GrataSr. Patrice
Sr. Christine LymanSr. MadelevaSr. Mary HelenSr. Patricia Brown
Sr. Claire MarieSr. MarcineSr. Mary JohnSr. Peggy
Sr. Karen HalloranSr. Marie Christine MyetteSr. Mary JudeSr. Rita Claire Davis
Sr. ColieSr. Marie Stanislaus (Africa)Sr. Mary JudithSr. Rita Claire Pfaff
Sr. CorinneSr. Marie Suzanne (Africa)Sr. Mary LauraSr. Rene
Sr. DamianSr. Marie TeresaSr. Mary LorettoSr. Richard
Sr. Edith SparksSr. Maris StellaSr. Mary LoyolaSr. Roberta Fulton
Sr. ElizabethSr. MarianneSr. Mary PatriciaSr. Roberta Thoen
Sr. FidelisSr. Margaret DonnerSr. Mary PeterSr. St. John
Sr. Frances NilandSr. MarySr. Mary RachelSr. St. Theresa
Sr. Francis DeffgeSr. Mary of the NativitySr. Mary RobertineSr. Sheila
Sr. Genevieve EfthemisSr. Mary of the RosarySr. Mary RupertSr. Suzanne
Sr. Jean Marc (Canada)Sr. Mary AgnesSr. Mary VeronicaSr. Timothy
Sr. Jean MarieSr. Mary Ann MundySr. Mary Vincent

..."And he gave some men as apostles, and some as prophets, and others again as evangelists, and others as pastors and teachers, thus fitting the saints for the ministry, for building up the body of Christ until we all become one in faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God."
From the Mass of Saints Simon and Jude
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